"Sara's teaching style is calm and grounded, yet engaging and challenging. She knows when to push and when to pull back. Sara is receptive and adapts to the type of activity that works best for me. It's been such a pleasure to have Sara as my teacher. I've grown more than I imagined I could."
Daniela Fanelli; Rome, Italy

“I came to Sara looking to find a way to keep on practicing and enjoying my music without having any pain. After several weeks of exploring Alexander Technique with Sara, we came up with a fantastic solution. Sara is extremely helpful and kind and is willing to work on any problem you might have.” 
Thomas Leiter; Weston, Vermont

Sara has an innate gift for adapting her teaching style to suit each student she works with. She understands that everyone is different and wants to take Alexander Technique lessons for varying reasons. Her lessons were illuminating. As a full time student at a music college, I came to Sara with a lot of physical stress and discomfort I was experiencing from playing the piano and just day-to-day student life. After taking lessons with Sara, my discomfort diminished greatly over several weeks! I can play without pain! Her lessons improved my lifestyle!
Lea; Indianapolis, Indiana

"Learning about the Alexander Technique with Sara has opened my eyes. She challenged my awareness of my surroundings, which made me realize that we are able to see, feel and hear more than we allow ourselves to. It made me realize that we are used to tuning everything out when we do something, but when we actually pay attention, our brains are able to process more of our surroundings than we think. That is only one of the many things I learned with Sara, and I am glad I took the lessons with her."
Michelle Lugo; San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Each lesson with Sara was an incredible discovery of my self and my potential. Gently guiding me towards exploring thought, patterns and assumption Sara showed me a new way to perceive me and my surroundings, while finding support in my body and mind. I loved how each lesson was filled with beautiful insights and an always fresh and variegate approach.

She helped me to reconnect deeply to music and most importantly, to my own way of playing. I finally saw the value of my unique way of touching the instrument and honored whatever came out. Playing music is now a way to explore and resonate deeply with a higher power. I am deeply grateful for Sara’s dedication to the work and I would highly recommend her as AT teacher, as she is incredibly talented, humble and willing to grow and evolve.”
Marie Comuzzo